The workshops at the RIDEF are where the cooperative education takes place. In these workshops there is practical work, reflections and discussions. In a ridef you can follow one long workshop in the morning and several short workshops in the afternoon.


A short workshop (90 minutes) is perfect for sharing ideas and inspiration, try something new, get in contact with people that try to solve the same kind of problems –   and for many other reasons.

There will be time for many short workshops, and participants will choose during the RIDEF which workshop they will attend.


A long workshop is a workshop where the same group of participants work together for three hours every morning in five days. That gives time to go more deeply into a subject, to practice new techniques and to reflect about it. At the end of the RIDEF, there will be an exhibition that shows the work from the different groups. The long workshops are part of the theme of the RIDEF ‘communication’ and we will ask you to choose your long workshop in springtime.

Would you like to lead a workshop at RIDEF Ljungskile 2018? We are looking forward to hear from you 🙂

Type of workshop:*
I participated in these Ridefs:*
Title for workshop:*
Content: *
Relation with RIDEF theme:
Use of language / translations:
Material needed:
Maximum participants:
Question for the organisers:



This is what we have received until now. Contact us if your workshop is not on this list!

The principles of fundamental Freinet education Inger Nordheden; Lira Acuna Eng; Esp
Sensomotorik Annika Haglund Eng
Communication with and in nature –

outdoor teaching as a tool for communication and cooperation

Mia Vävare, Birgitta Sjölund Eng, Esp
Tostan – dignity for all

Mobilizing global change

Gunilla Zetterlund Eng
Learning language with creative methods Karin Jönsson, Ulla Andersson Eng,  Fr (Ge)
The RIDEF journal David Almlöf, Hampus Ericsson, Mats Ericsson Eng, Fr, Esp
Media and art Maria Nordheden Gard Eng  Esp)
Digital teaching tools Andrea Inkinen Eng
Geometry Paula Rochetti, Rodrigo Rochetti Eng Por
The coeducation and the communication of the families of our pupils Catherine Hurtig-Delattre Eng, Fr
Video-sharing cooperative research group Katrien Nijs Eng, Fr
Comunicação:uma vida compartilhada;presencial e digital. Waldílila Cordeiro Por
“L’éducation morale et civique” à partir de Célestin Freinet : Outils pour la formation de citoyens démocratiques. Flor Zaldumbide, Birgitta, Guadelupe Palau, Jose Ramon Torres Esp, Eng, Fr
” Sugestopedia: el arte de enseñar. Español para extranjeros” Irena Mladenova People who do not speak Spanish!
El Cuerpo en la Escuela, Comunicación Profunda. Juan Fernandez Egn, Fr, Esp, It
The book “Dits de Mathieu” Justina Gorce-Balut

Ewa Filipiak

Eng, Po,  Fr
Free embroidery as a way of communication Lena Augustsson, Eva Stööp Eng

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3 Responses to “Workshops

  • Hello!
    Freinet Uruguay wants to make a short workshop, to share our investigation. We are going to go to sverige with our publication (a book). In a investigation, when it finishes, the communication is a part of it.
    In website, and that is another thing to see, the workshops are all long… but there is no information about short workshops.

    Gabriela Varaldi

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