The workshops at the RIDEF are where the cooperative education takes place. In these workshops there is practical work, reflections and discussions. In a ridef you can follow one long workshop in the morning and several short workshops in the afternoon.


A short workshop (90 minutes) is perfect for sharing ideas and inspiration, try something new, get in contact with people that try to solve the same kind of problems –   and for many other reasons.

There will be time for many short workshops, and participants will choose during the RIDEF which workshop they will attend.


A long workshop is a workshop where the same group of participants work together for three hours every morning in five days. That gives time to go more deeply into a subject, to practice new techniques and to reflect about it. At the end of the RIDEF, there will be an exhibition that shows the work from the different groups.
The long workshops are part of the theme of the RIDEF ‘communication’ and we will ask you to choose your long workshop in springtime.
The are two reasons why we do this:
– we save time at the RIDEF, when you arrive you will already know which workshop you will attend.
– the workshop leaders will know how many they will have, and get a list so they – if they want – can send information to the participants.

Would you like to lead a short workshop at RIDEF Ljungskile 2018?  Fill in the form.
From now on it will not be possible to announce long workshops.

We are looking forward to hear from you 🙂

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I participated in these Ridefs:*
Title for workshop:*
Content: *
Relation with RIDEF theme:
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Material needed:
Maximum participants:
Question for the organisers:


Here you can see the list of the long workshops. (The short workshops are not yet published because we are still receiving workshop applications.)
Soon you will be able to choose your long workshop.

English, français, Espanol Irena Mladenova Ivanova “Sugestopedia: the art of teaching. Spanish for foreign”. “Sugestopedia: l’art de l’enseignement, l’espagnol pour les étrangers”.
Eng Por Paula Rochetti, Rodrigo Rochetti Geometry Géométrie
English, français, Espanol, Português Waldilia/Maria José Neiva de Moura Santos Cordeiro/de Moura Communication: a shared, presential and digital life La communication: une vie partagée, présentielle et numérique
Eng, Fr Katrien Nijs Video-sharing cooperative research group Groupe de recherche coopérative de partage de vidéos
English, français, Espanol Catherine Hurtig-Delattre The coeducation and the communication of the families of our pupils La communication avec les familles de nos élèves dans une optique de coéducation
Eng Annika Haglund Sensomotorik
Conscious Mobility Exercises / Movement Training
Sensomotorique Exercices
de mobilité consciente / entraînement au mouvement
Eng; Esp Inger Nordheden; Lira Acuna The principles of fundamental Freinet education. A workshop that will give you a small insight into some of the Swedish Freinet educator´s complimentary training. Un atelier exhaustif sur les grandes idées de la Pédagogie  Freinet. Un atelier qui donne un aperçu  sur la formation continue des pédagogues Freinet.
English, français, Espanol Juan Fernandez Platero The body at the school, deep communication. Le corps à l’école, communication profonde.
english, French Karin Jönsson, Ulla Andersson Communication using different senses, creative methods. Communication utilisant différents sens, méthodes créatives.
Eng, Fr, Esp David Almlöf, Hampus Ericsson, Mats Ericsson The RIDEF journal Le journal Ridef
English, français, Espanol, Deutsch, Catalan Flor Zaldumbide, Birgitta Kovermann, Guadelupe Palau, Jose Ramon Torres “The moral and civic education” according to Celestin Freinet: Tools for the formation of a democratic citizenship” “L’éducation morale et civique” à partir de Célestin Freinet : Outils pour la formation de citoyens démocratiques.
français KANAWA Abra Hombalaam Florence
English, français, Italiano Lanfranco Genito World citizens contributing to the “Webottega for the Peace”
Citoyens du monde contribuant à la “Webottega pour la paix”
français, Espanol, Italiano Teresa Flores Stories, a universal language Les histoires, un langage universel
English, Svenska Maria Gard Digital Storytelling Narration numérique
Gunilla Zetterlund Tostan – dignity for all Mobilizing global change Tostan – dignité pour tous Mobiliser le changement global
Justina Gorce-Balut, Ewa Filipiak The book “Dits de Mathieu” Le livre “Dits de Mathieu”
Eng Lena Augustsson, Eva Stööp Free embroidery as a way of communication La broderie libre comme moyen de communication
Mia Vävare, Birgitta Sjölund Communication with and in nature – outdoor teaching as a tool for communication and cooperation Communication avec et dans la nature – l’enseignement en plein air comme outil de communication et de coopération

5 Responses to “Workshops

  • Hello!
    Freinet Uruguay wants to make a short workshop, to share our investigation. We are going to go to sverige with our publication (a book). In a investigation, when it finishes, the communication is a part of it.
    In website, and that is another thing to see, the workshops are all long… but there is no information about short workshops.

    Gabriela Varaldi

  • Eva Neureiter
    4 weeks ago

    Dear collegues,
    I sent you a suggestion for a short workshop about radiowork at school. I will present together with Christian Berger examples for school radio work in Austria. Did you receive this suggestion? It is not in the list above. Please send me an answer.

    • Gabriella Varaldi
      3 weeks ago

      Hello Eva, the info about workshops is not updated yet. The Sweden team is working on it. Your short workshop suggestion was received.

      Best regards.

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