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You are welcome to come earlier to Sweden for the preridef AND / OR to stay longer in Sweden for the postridef.

Some of the options will be (partly) organised by the Swedish collegues and some options will be ‘do it yourself’ with suggestions from the Swedish collegues.

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We will offer free accommodation on Freinetskolan Bild & Form, Göteborg (Gothenburg) one week before the RIDEF: 14 july – 20 july

There will be a staff who help with practical things as how to go to interesting places.

There is a kitchen where participants can make lunch and dinner. The school is close to lot of nice places in central Gothenburg . You can easily walk to most of the things you want to see. You can go by bike to the ferries and come to the archipilago outside the city. We will offer bikes.

On this link you find information about Gothenburg. Tell David what you wish to see / try / visit in Gothenburg.


We offer the same concept in Gothenburg 30 July– 6 August. Free accomodation on the school in Gothenburg. Making lunch and dinner together.

If you are more interested in visiting Stockholm or other parts of Sweden we will help you with planning your trip. Send an e-mail to

Important: Train ticket Gothenburg – Stockholm can be really expensive if you don’t book early: like 150 Euro! If you book 6 months in advance it costs about 20 Euro.  Booking on




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