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You are welcome to come earlier to Sweden for the preridef AND / OR to stay longer in Sweden for the postridef.

Some of the options will be (partly) organised by the Swedish collegues and some options will be ‘do it yourself’ with suggestions from the Swedish colleagues.

1.The official POST and PRE ridef is in Gothenburg. You sign up for the official PRE and POST-RIDEF  with this link.
2. You can book extra nights in Ljungskile.
3. There is a facebook group for people who want to visit Stockholm.



When you arrive on the Swedish west coast there are two good options for overnight stays before RIDEF starts:

Preridef in Gothenburg

Stay free at the Freinetschool “Bild & Form” in central Gothenburg.

One week before the RIDEF: 14 july – 20 july

It is quite simple accommodation. You are sleeping on mattresses in the classrooms. There is a kitchen where participants can make lunch and dinner. Food is not served by the organisers. You cook together or go to restaurants.

Only one shower, but there are nice bath houses in the central town. You can prepare your workshop. There are computers and iPads to borrow. Free wifi.

The Swedish organizers will be there too. They will help you and give advice on nice excursions. The school is close to lots of nice places in central Gothenburg . You can easily walk to most of the things you want to see. You can go by bike to the ferries and come to the archipilago outside the city. We will offer bikes.

On this link you find information about Gothenburg. Tell David what you wish to see / try / visit in Gothenburg.

We sleep on newly purchased air mattresses. We have blankets, pillows and sheets to borrow.

We help you buying your tickets:

Cost of public transport in Gothenburg: 95 SEK / day (9.5 Euro)
Cost of public transport in Gothenburg: 190 SEK / 3 days (19 Euro)

Postridef in Gothenburg

From 29 July– 6 August we offer the same concept  as the pre-ridef in Gothenburg.


Staying extra nights in Ljungskile before RIDEF

Hostel in Ljungskile ( = on the ridef place)

From 17 – 21 july

The Ljungskile Folkhogskola offers 40% discount on the rooms 4 days before RIDEF.  Hostel rooms. No shower or toilet on the room.  It means 48 Euro for a double room per night.

During these days one can explore the surroundings. There is a nice hiking trail east with wild nature. West 10 minutes walk from the school is the bathing bay in the sea bay with sauna, kayak rental and sailing school. Both small sailboats and big sailboats. Nice restaurants and open countryside with horse farms and sheep farms. There are archipelago boats arriving at the main pier. Out in the bay you can learn how to harvest and cook good food on the newly harvested seafood. In Sweden it is free to fish in the sea and to pick berries and mushrooms in the woods. There are good opportunities for this in the surroundings around Ljungskile.

You can book on your own by writing to: The staff at the hostel can help you contact sailing schools etc.


Staying extra nights in Ljungskile after RIDEF

From  30 July – 2 august we offer the same concept as  before the ridef in Ljungskile.


Stockholm information facebookgroup

Are you planning to visit Stockholm before or after RIDEF? Maybe your flights go from Stockholm.

There is no official POST ridef (or PRE) in Stockholm. But the visitors can create an inofficial one together. There is a facebook group that will help you on the trip and where the swedes can be in contact with you. You can write in any language. Portuguese, Italian, German, French Spanish etc.

Here is the facebook address:

If you haven’t facebook, then just send us an e-mail and you will get help.

Limited offer: Some free accommodation available in houses of Stockholm teachers:

Check if there is a bed for you. It is basic accomodation, it might be even just a place on the couch in the living room.

We can not guarantee you a spot because space is limited and participants from B and C countries have precedence for a spot if they fill in this form before July 12.

After this date those accommodation is also available for A-countries.

The form you are trying to view has been unpublished.

Bus takes you to Stockholm immediately after the Ridef is finished.

The trip costs 40-50 Euro.

Departure: about 12.00 on Sunday 29 July from the Parking of the hostel in Ljungskile.

Distance: 450 km. Without traffic jam and pause the trip takes 5 hours. Count on 6-7 hours. There will be a break for food at 16.00. Food is not included in the price.

The bus will only stop at one place in Stockholm: at the Central station. About six o’clock PM.

Book your busticket here:

I book a seat on the bus that goes from Ljungskile directly to Stockholm.
I pay 50 Euro when arriving to Ljungskile. Please indicate name, email and how many tickets you want:

Quantity / quantité / cantidad:

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