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11 Responses to “Contact

  • Is it possible to contact someone of the Swedish Freinet Movement by phone ?
    One of my student would like to know if it si possible to come in a Freinet swedish classroom for a training session.
    Beest regards

    Denis Morin (ICEM France)

  • Cornelia Eikel
    1 year ago

    Hello together,

    I´m Cornelia from the German Freinet Movement and shared in Italy 2014!
    I have to questions respective my participation.
    I will to bring my Schooldog to Sweden and I get offer one or two short Workshops to the work with my extraordinary teacher assistant. He mash wunderful in the subject of communication.
    I ´ve on international certificate and he have a training to therapy – and schooldog.
    It ´would give me a great pleasure, when my dog to come with Sweden and I would
    sleep to the campground.

    I´m happy about your answer.

    Have a nice day


    • Nice!
      Yes I guess that you can bring your dog to the camping. Go to their homepage. On the school dogs are not allowed inside. But you can probably find a solution. Contacct about the workshop.

      /David Almlöf

  • Marisa Del C Elias
    11 months ago

    David Almlöf
    Could you let me know if we’re going to have accommodation in pre and post Ridef?
    We arrived in 8 people from Brazil Day 16/7 in Goteborg until day 21/7 when the Ridef begins.
    From 29 to 31/7 we wanted to stay in Stockholm. Is it possible to have lodgings?
    Who should we book?
    Thank you
    Poderia me informar se vamos ter alojamento nos dias da Pré e Pós Ridef?
    Chegamos em 8 pessoas do Brasil dia 16/7 em Goteborg até dia 21/7 quando começa a Ridef. De 29 a 31/7 queriamos ficar em Estocolo. Será possivel ter alojamento? Com quem devemos reservar?

    • Before RIDEF when you visit Gotneburg you stay on our school in central parts of GBG. For finding accomodation in stockholm I suggest you to join the Facebook group “Visiting Stockholm after/before RIDEF”

  • Dörte Rieck
    11 months ago

    my name is Dörte, I’m from Germany. Last week I signed up for the RIDEF. Now I don’t know, where I can sleep in the time, because I read all rooms are full.
    Also I can’t find the banc account to pay.
    Please send me informations to the registration.

    Thanks so much an kind regards

  • Dörte Rieck
    11 months ago

    Thank you for information, will wait for invoice. Im looking forward to the RIDEF so much.

    Kind regards

  • Kati Nordman
    8 months ago

    Hello, What is the easiest way to get to Ljunskile from Göteborg planestation?

    Best regards
    Kati Nordman

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