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4 Responses to “Contact

  • Is it possible to contact someone of the Swedish Freinet Movement by phone ?
    One of my student would like to know if it si possible to come in a Freinet swedish classroom for a training session.
    Beest regards

    Denis Morin (ICEM France)

  • Cornelia Eikel
    2 weeks ago

    Hello together,

    I´m Cornelia from the German Freinet Movement and shared in Italy 2014!
    I have to questions respective my participation.
    I will to bring my Schooldog to Sweden and I get offer one or two short Workshops to the work with my extraordinary teacher assistant. He mash wunderful in the subject of communication.
    I ´ve on international certificate and he have a training to therapy – and schooldog.
    It ´would give me a great pleasure, when my dog to come with Sweden and I would
    sleep to the campground.

    I´m happy about your answer.

    Have a nice day


    • Nice!
      Yes I guess that you can bring your dog to the camping. Go to their homepage. On the school dogs are not allowed inside. But you can probably find a solution. Contacct about the workshop.

      /David Almlöf

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