UPDATE Bus-Passengers (RIDEF-Stockholm)

Dear Ridefians, here is the list of the colleagues who will travel immediately after the end of the RIDEF, on 29th July, to Stockholm and who have made their registration through the the form in this website. The number in parentheses means the number of places that each one has requested (in total).

Marco Esteban Mendoza Rodríguez (2)


Anna Uttama Ekberg

Agneta Ahlqvist

Lira Acuna Lopez

Leila Arruda

Claudia Cravena

Gabriella Elias (2)

José Tomás Hau

María del C. Elías (3)

Peter Steiger

Juan Carlos Lira (3)

María Teresa Roda

Bosshard Heidi

Annik Levesque

Ngoa Jacquinaut

José Ramón Torres (3)

Flor Zaldumbide

María Eustacia Coyolt

Brigitta Kovermann (3)

Raquel Rubio

Embodies Rosillo (3)

Isabel Sequí (5)

María Rosario Quintanilla (4)

Marino Palacio (2)

Pilar Fontevedra (3)

Marco Esteban Mendoza (2)

If you have checked this and you are not in the list, please contact us.

Thank you!!!

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