How to pronounce Ljungskile

Ljungskile sounds like {  jungs + Chile  ]

Ljungs + kile  means the narrow bay surrounded by Ljung, which is millions of small purple flowers growing in the hills.


Young + Chile is ok 😉



German pronunciation of famous psychoanalyser is even better, it   gives you a clue:

Jung + Chile 😉



Swedish pronunciation of the vocal [u] takes one week exercise I guess 😉 . Say after me:



Or faster:

On google translation you can listen to the pronunciation and other Swedish places if you want to now how to pronounce:

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    6 months ago

    I thank you very much for putting the information (rent sheet and towels) on the home page!!!!!!
    I’m so glad, that we can rent it!!!!!!!!!
    I better like to carry more things of my class for the exposition ;-)))
    See you soon ;-)))))
    Heidi (from Switzerland)

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