Eurail for those who come from overseas countries

Hello Ridefians!!!
Eurail – for people who are not Europeans- has discounts until 31/12 in the Eurailpass, by train.
Here is the link: eurail?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvrXwiZ2K2AIVVEsNCh3AFAJyEAAYASAAEgJJVfD_BwE

Many colleagues are looking for ways to lower costs. It could be nice if you share with us the way or the
information you have found to come to Sweden.
From Latinamerica, it could be:
Latinamerica ➡️ Copenhagen ➡️ train ▶️ Sweden??
You can find Europeans low cost flights too in different websites where you can see different options.

And here is a lot of advices from experienced RIDEFient Lena Alexandersson:

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