Weather report

Hello RIDEF-2018-followers!
Today it’s exactly one year before the inauguration in Ljungskile.

Today we can give you a view of the Swedish westcoast weather and the light nights.

Swedish summer changes quickly from sunny days with blue sky and 26 degrees warm to “Iceland-summer weather ” . Which means 13 degrees , windy and lot of rain…You see the forecast of next nine days. Very typical. If we are lucky there will be one sunny week.
That happens especially in July and August. But can even be nine rainy days if we are really unlucky. Probably we will have a mix.

The pictures are from a salt water fiord north from Ljungskile caught tonight at 3 Am and 4 AM.
The sunny nights are in June in northern Sweden. But we can at least offer light nights in Ljungskile. Swimming at daybreak .

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